Tan Ourea Home Decor Penguin Balloon Money Bank
Tan Ourea Home Decor BLUE Penguin Balloon Money Bank
Tan Ourea Home Decor GOLD Penguin Balloon Money Bank
Tan Ourea Home Decor SILVER Penguin Balloon Money Bank

Penguin Balloon Money Bank

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Product Details

Designed by: Natasha Ho
Colors: Blue, Gold, Silver

Made from: High-gloss electroplated ceramic

Measures: 7L x 5”W x 9”H

Happy feet, yes! Bird, yes!
But it can’t fly so won’t take off with your life savings.

You LOVE penguins! The mere thought of them brings a smile to your face. How could they not? They're just too adorable in their black & white dinner jackets! And when you see them wobbling around in the snow on their big, floppy feet your heart simply melts. Those flatties may not be good for walking but, boy, are they ever perfect for tap dancing! Flat feet are Happy Feet.

Product Features

  • A unique gift and a must-have item for serious penguin enthusiasts of all ages
  • Inspired by the fascinating art of turning balloons into animals
  • Adds a whimsical and playful decor accent to the modern home or office
  • Fun decorative coin bank to adorn your baby’s nursery
  • Helps you teach small children the value of money and saving early on
  • Handmade using toxic-free paint and materials so it’s safe for children
  • Rubber stopper at its base makes it easy to collect your savings
  • Comes in a full-color gift box with Styrofoam protection