LoveSpoon Candles Bundle CITRUS CANDLE BUNDLE
LoveSpoon Candles Bundle CITRUS CANDLE BUNDLE
LoveSpoon Candles Bundle CITRUS CANDLE BUNDLE


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In this bundle you will get to delight in the refreshing fragrance of our Citrus Mandarin Soy Wax Candle and then also savor another uplifting fragrance with our Lemon Verbena Soy Candle.

Make every day feel like a vacation with mandarin scented candles specifically, our Citrus Mandarin  Premium Soy Candle. Handmade using the finest soy wax available, our refreshing mandarin scented candles combine the tasteful notes of orange citrus, lemon zest and grapefruit for a revitalizing and exotic aroma. Utilizing fragrances from natural essential oils, you’re sure to love this  premium soy wax candle in your bedroom, kitchen or dining room. Browse more  elegant candles from  Lovespoon Candles online, or order your Citrus Mandarin  Premium Soy Candle today!

If you’re looking for an uplifting lemon scented candles, you’re sure to love our Lemon Verbena Candle. This refreshing  premium soy wax candle offers the tangy scent of lemon and floral verbena using the most natural soy wax and essential oils available. You’ll love placing  our lemon scented candles in your kitchen or bathroom as it radiates the revitalizing smells of lavender, geranium, rose and lemongrass throughout your home. Order your Lemon Verbena Candle from Lovespoon Candles today!

Burn Time: Approximately 60 Hours Each Candle
Wax: Produced from US Grown Soy Beans. All Natural Soy Wax
Wicks: Cotton Eco-Wicks, Lead & Zinc Free
Net Weight: 8.5 Ounces